About me

the right voice for your project

Does your project need a warm, confident, and energetic voice? Great! Then maybe I can help. My voice is ideal for projects where you require a neutral British accent with an age range of around 30 to 45. You can listen to samples from different fields of work on my voicereel  page.


who am I?

My name is Alex D’Attoma. I was born in London and grew up in the East of England. I have been living and working in Germany since 2000, but work for customers all over the world: major brands, small and medium sized companies and startups, as well as public institutions, like the EU. Visit my references page to see some of the customers who have hired me to voice their projects and campaigns.


what you can expect

A clear, professional recording that brings your project to life!
Do you want to get a sense of what your project will sound like with my voice? Just let me know, and I’ll happily record a custom demo based on your script, free of charge.
I’ll take care of your requirements in a smooth and timely manner. Due to years of experience in film and video production I understand all the steps involved in producing a successful voiceover, as well as your concerns and priorities – especially tight deadlines.


how does it all work?

If you need me to record a narration for a video or film, please send me not just the text, but also – if possible – the video itself. This way I can ensure that my recording fits the mood and timing of your film.
And of course I’ll take account of all your needs, especially regarding style and tempo. You are more than welcome to listen in to the recording via telephone while I am doing it – to make sure you get exactly the results you require!
When I’m done I’ll send you the final sound file as a secure link, allowing you to download it. We can decide on the file format in advance – the usual formats are .wav, .aif und .mp3.


what does a voiceover cost?

Really, that depends: on the type of production, the length of the script and the intended audience or media. For example, it costs less to book a recording for an eLearning or audioguide project; corporate image films cost a bit more; and advertising campaigns cost the most. There are different standardised price lists that we use in the field – I generally use the Hamburg Price Index. At any rate, the question of costs is fully transparent and is something we can discuss in detail before you decide whether to book me. Don’t be shy, just get in touch!
If you need a non-binding offer, simply send me a message and, if possible, attach your text with some further information about your project. I’ll get back to you within a few hours, and let you know how quickly I can do the recording. The costs for studio and production are always included in my price.


how else I can help

It sounds obvious, but is easily forgotten: a successful voiceover always needs a good text.
I specialise in the writing of voice over texts for videos, particularly in the fields of culture and politics. I can help with scripts covering many other topics, however.
Is your text in German? No problem! I can provide a professional translation into English at a competitive price. If your script is already in English, I’ll be happy to take a look and make sure that it is correct and ready to be spoken.



Depending on the type of project, I work either from my own professionally equipped studio or with external studios in Hamburg or Berlin. I usually recommend the latter if you would like to listen in during the recording. The costs are always included in my price. For details, please get in touch.

I use the following equipment in my own studio:

Mic: Neumann TLM 103
Computer: Mac Pro
Software: Adobe Audition
Pre-Amp: A Designs P-1
Interface: Apogee Duet
Recording cabin with MB Akustik soundproofing.